To Buy or Not (Advice Needed)

I'm looking to buy the following computer:
Gateway Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz (FX6800-03H)

Specs are basically:

I don't built custom machines or have plans to overclock, I do game and was just wondering if this looks like a good machine. I'm only concerned about two real things

1) power source looks a bit weak
2) Gateway isn't really a company I'd want to do business with.

Looking at the specs and possibly customer service with gateway, is it advisable to go for this or is there something really sketchy about it?
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  1. OH man this computer is so hot with reasonable price! the 9 GB DDR3 RAM....And GATEWAY is a great company and everybody knows! search for gateway computers on Amazon and read the reviews of one complains about their products....but if you still worried, then, as i would do, you would consider a DELL XPS!
  2. Hello, I was never a fan of 'Mass Produced' computers, I always made my own gaming PCs. I bought the Gateway sytem because of its specs, and I will say this now..

    This System ROCKS HARD!!

    Its super fast and plays Crysis on 'High' at 40 FPS!

    I totally recommend this computer wholeheartedly,

    Good Luck with your decesion.

  3. i would advise reading more articles about building your own pc and build your own.its alot of fun and cheaper:)
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