Need advice on 19" or 20" LCD's between LG and Samsung

Hey guys,

I need some of your wisdom to enlighten me on which LCD to choose from. I'm currently living in Greece, so my options are limited. There are just a few points I want to put out that need some clarification:

1) I was told that any screen 20" and up aren't replaced if there's only one dead pixel. There needs to be up to 5 dead pixels in a row in order for the manufacturer to replace it. So 19" are replaced with as much as 1 dead pixel but 20" are not. This is one of the reason's i'm hesitant in getting a 20".

2) For widescreen LCD's, 19" = 1440x900 native resolution while 20" = 1680 by 1050 native resolution. My system is pretty good, however, i'm not always capable of playing games at 1680 by 1050 with full settings. How bad is it to have a 20" and play at lets say 1280x1024?

3) How much difference is there between the sizes there much of a difference? can anyone with personal experience give me their opinion.

The three LCD's i've come up with are:

1) 20" LG 207wt = 250 Euros (this is the newer version of the 206wt)
2) 20" SS 206BW = 260 Euros
3) LG" L197wh = 240 Euros (this is essentially the 19 inch version of
the LG 207wt but with a much better

As you can see, they're all roughly the same price, but each has its perks. The specs for the LG are much better with 5000:1 contrast ratio. I'm leaning towards the 19" LG, because i'm scared of the dead pixel factor not being replaced. The computer will be used for games, movies, and text reading.

Thanks a lot for your adivce guys
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  1. I'm gonna bump this thread as well cause I have the same questions. Problem with this part of the forum is I don't think many people visit it! Maybe we should sneak it into the cpu forums =)
  2. ahaha, i agree partialsum.
    What monitors have you been looking at? I think i'm going to go with the 19" LG L197wh (similar to L197wt or 207wt). I chose 19" because i get a 0 pixel guarantee with LG. If any pixel die or have an issue i can replace the whole monitor.
  3. always play at native res

    1280 on the 1680 20 inch will not look as good as the 1280 on the 1280 19 inch... 1680 on medium settings is better than 1280 on high, imo

    i have a great monitor, LG Flatron Wide 20.1" 1680x1050 5ms 2000:1 monitor, im not sure about the model but anything LG should be fine

    it has a silver front bezel with a black stand but the stand is surrounded by silver bezel too
  4. alright, thx alot Kugelfang. I think i'm going to get a 19" because of the warrenty. I can't wait to pick up my 19 ich LG flatron.
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