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I'm intending to purchase an a8n-sli deluxe from Asus. However, on their site, the front side bus is listed as 2000mt/s (yes mt/s not megabytes). With this confusion, i have no idea if i can use DDR2 or any kind of real memory. im really wanting to get 2 gigs of the Corsair Xpert Memory when it comes out (im saving for it all now). But does anyone know if they are compatible? and if not, what is a good replacement to the corsair xpert.

By the way, the first memory module of the xpert line is a PC3200 that is going to be released Jan 31, 05...but i doubt ddr will be any time near then.
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  1. There is no FSB rating for this motherboard. MT/s is actually MHz HTT, which is a retarded unit. For intel systems, the FSB is the bus between the memory controller and processor, but for AMD system this controller would be in the processor itself. They call it HTT. dumb huh?

    In anycase your board supports dual channel DDR-400/333/266 up to 4GB. Which means you want to buy two sticks of identical memory: 2x 512MB (double sided, 16 chips/module)is ideal.

    also.. PC-3200 = DDR-400 <==> PC-(8*<MHZ>) = DDR-(<MHZ>)
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