Which headphone/headset whould I get?

My current headset mic died quite awhile ago, and I'm going to return it (thank god I got the warranty) but they no longer carry the item, which was worth $55 at the time. And I am wondering which headphones/headset I should get, since I am not to knowledgable in this catoragory and I'm lacking in the money department. And just so you know I was planning on exchanging these headphones for new ones and asking Newegg if they let me pay the difference for some of the better headphones, and I have $50 on me making for a total of $105 I can spend. I use the headphones constantly, probably 8hours a day or more for music, games, Ipod if possible, etc and I like good sound quality since I can hear the high pitch hiss noise from the cheap headhones/earbuds quite easily which drive me insane, not to mention I got spoiled by the 2 plantonics headsets I have owned in the past.

Here is what I currently have

Headset PLANTRONICS .Audio 550 (USB, I heard these don't use the sound card because it has one, not sure how true this statement is. But it be nice if someone clarified that for me)

I have no dedicated sound card, just the integrated one on the motherboard

Wireless headphones (I like the idea of roaming around the house, its a nice plus. And I also like your opinion on this, if wireless headphones are worth using)



Wired headphones/headset


Creative FATAL1TY 3.5mm


I would like to preferably be left with some money left over for summer which is why most of them are below $70, but I threw in the last Sennheiser HD280 pro due to seeing all the good reviews on it and how I couldn't really dig up anything bad about it. But if you recommend the HD280's could you also tell me what would your next choice since I'm not sure I want to spend that much money on a pair of headphones yet. And feel free to make recomendations.

And lastly is there anyway to boost my 3.5mm microphone, since when I first got it on my laptop it was able to pick up my voice across the room on my laptop, but now days it has to be in front of my face or taped to the headphones to pick up my voice despite the fact that I boosted the volume on it all the way up in windows. And all realtek audio manager does is provide a nice interface to that.

Thank you for any and all replies.
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  1. The Sennheiser 280's would be my first choice there, and for less money, the Sennheiser EH350's. Neither has a mic, but the sound quality is phenomenal.
  2. Thanks for your input I take a look into the EH350's as well.
  3. Heya,

    When it comes to quality headphones, I suggest you don't beat around the bush and skimp on selection. Get the goods. They will last you for your life time if you simply take care of them and get something with some good quality behind them. If you are trying to make it through the summer with just $30 in your pocket, you should just get a job. ;) :na:

    I have the Sennheiser HD580 Precision open-air headset. It's amazing. I've had it for something like 8 years now. Still as awesome as ever. Great for games. Great for music. Great for movies even. I absolute love these headphones. They have great bass and mid/high ranges even at high volume. Quality headphones will tell you how bad your low sampled mp3's quality actually are. You'll start going to lossless technology or uncompressed audio after that.

    Very best,
  4. Agreed on that, which is why I would recommend the Sennheisers. Even the lower end models sound far better than the average gaming headset, and are a great investment IMHO.
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