Windows 7 BSOD's on startup

Hi All,

I recently replaced my motherboard/CPU. I now have a Bulldozer FX-6200 with Gigabyte 990XA-UD3.

I was having issues with crashes and after various OS reinstalls, I finally got it to a particular state that it would not change. This was not ideal however. As this state meant that when it booted, it would hang at the 'starting windows' screen. I then had to manually restart it around 5-6 times, where it would do the same thing, I would then leave it for 30-45 mins, and then when trying to turn on, it generally booted.

I cannot run Prime95, my case is very cool, HDD around 25 celsius, CPU around 25 celsius. Prime 95 crashes either within seconds or within minutes and as I said, CPU temps never topped 50 celsius.

I have recently bought a new PSU, as my old one was not very good quality and i believed it to be that.

This is where I would appreciate some help. As the new PSU did not fix it, it has made a noticeable difference. The main one being it boots almost everytime now. When it doesnt, it seems to be BSODing with a memory dump and generic, useless, Microsoft error code.

I have tried a million OS reinstalls, my OS image is fine, all of these components were fine before I replaced the mobo/CPU.

Please help any advise is greatly appreciated!!!

Many thanks!!
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  1. BSOD is an alert for you that your computer is at risk of viruses or malware attack. BSOD occurs when some files or the whole Windows gets corrupt. If still running, make a repair for the Windows. If not, put a fresh copy of Windows and install an Anti virus viz. Avast! on it.
  2. How can I have a virus if i've completely wiped and cleaned my HDD?
  3. prime95 crash.......

    sign of hardware failure or wrong O.C. setting.. there lot's of thing i would try..

    Try clear cmos...
    Try run memtest...
    Try booting just using one stick...
    Try update motherboard bios..
    check if the heatsink securely placed...
    at worst u might wanna check the processor pin...
  4. Thanks RDC85, i have done all those although as you probably assumed, not again since the new PSU, so I will try all these when I have the opportunity.
  5. manually set ram to a lower speed/higher timings/higher voltage (1066/1333@CL9, +0.1v)

    if you have onboard video use that to test aswell (less power load aswell -- psu or video issue etc)
  6. Hi apache_lives, thanks for your response.

    What settings would you advise, I see youve put 1066 as the speed, what timings? and are you saying add .1v to the ram?

    Also, unfortunately, I dont have onboard video so cannot test.

    many thanks.
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