FZ35 or Canon SX10

I am trying to decide between the Pani. FZ35 or the Canon SX10 for my wife (the SX20 is just out of the my budget). Any thoughts?
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  1. FZ35 is quite good, i have the previous generation FZ28. The Canon is very good and the FZ35 is very close behind, unless you both to compare everytime you take pics, you should be happy with the FZ35. Just saying this in case this starts a chain of replying going on and on which brand is better. I have several Canon's and Canon DSLR, Olympus, and the Pani is good as well.
  2. The SX20 and SX10 are very comparable in price where you can find the SX10 still available. Some places the SX20 can be found for cheaper than the SX10.

    I have no experience with the FZ35 but am very happy with the SX10 which I have owned for a few months. It is a nice sturdy camera with well placed controls.
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