XPS 435 MT Crashes with 8GB Ram Installed

computer crashes to bsod randomly when all 8 gb RAM is installed
computer works fine the 7GB, without any issue.


XPS 435 MT
MEMORY : 8192MB (4X1024,2X2048) 1067MHZ

Pl Advise..
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  1. I sent for the same configuration computer from Dell just last Week; my guess is that it could be a bad memory stick, since the MoBo is the X58 from Intel, but the Tri-Channel memory, I don't know yet from what mfgr. their using; but then again another customer said that they had a memory stick holder loose on the MoBo, who knows whats the deal, but my guess is that if it works fine with 7, jou... let it roll...!

  2. Thanks for the reply.

    I was thinking to reduce the "Cycle time" to rest the memory. which can possibly make the system stable. however the bios feature doesn't allow to do so..

    Even updated the latest bios release 1.0.12 - S4351012.exe - - made no difference
    System still throws Random BSOD ..

    Physically tested Memory Slots | Stick Holders - all seems to be fine...

    Latency Reduction should help, however Dell Restricts it within its i7 based chipset and Bios
  3. I cannot tell right now, because my Dell Studio has not been shipped to me yet, (not until around-04/03/09)- hopefully they are working some of the perks that some customers are complaining about. Some have rattle noises from the integrated sound card, others that the cpu heats up to much, but when I was reading about the X58 board from Intel and the new Tri-Channel memory on New Egg.com, there are a lot of different problems that can arise, I guess it's something about Intel Board.
    I read on the Corsair site the computer they built with the X58 MoBo and their Tri-Channel memory and they say it works great..
  4. yeah.. heard about the same referring to egg.com..

    will wait to hear from u on 4/3/9
  5. Believe me, I'm praying Dell it's workin' those kinks out of their XPS comps.
    I'm working here with a Dimension 4700 that I bought in 2005, it works ok, I just wanted to upgrade to the newest and more advanced since I know my computer will soon say..."so long".."tata''.."goodbuy".."hasta luego"... and I want to be ready!
    Best Regards and Good Luck!!!
  6. hasta luego :)
  7. Hasta pronto!!!
  8. Hi,

    Any update plz


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  9. For all wondering why over 7 gigs of ram is crashing, install Vista Ultimate. Vista Home basic and premium only support 8 gigs of ram and I am pretty sure that your OS is crashing for this reason.

    In fact, do the math on your ram sticks. It is barely over 8 gigs but vista home will still discriminate. Sucks but you will have to upgrade to Vista Business or Ultimate.
  10. Well, I received my Dell XPS, so far it's working fine...As for the problem w/the 8 gigs I don't have any...I opened the case and inspected everything before I Plug-it-in, cause' U never know what could happen during shipping...It took from 3/12/09 till now, but so far so good...(I had my fingers crossed).
    Machine feels fast, right now have WMP open with Music, IE, Firefox; a few tabs and no slow downs... the cpu on the sidebar doesn't go above 2% and the ram hasn't gone above 32% yet!!!
    Still learning, for Vista 64bits, and Istalling my programs!...Office Home & Students Installed Without a glitch and it's activated....
    I still have to Uninstall McAfee and install NIS 2009...and then Spyware DR....Lets hope everything keeps going fine!!!!
  11. For all those , here is the fix.

    Just need to enhance system stability, go to BIOS 'Advanced' menu and under 'Overvoltage' tab, changes values for EPP memory voltage to 1.65V.

    All works gr8 with 8gb Ram on it.. :sol:


    CompTIA A+ | DCSE (M) | Six Sigma (YB) | MCSE | MCP| DCT (M)
  12. Where do you get that fix? Are you sure that it will not cause any problems to the system?

    I am asking because i am getting bsod.

    Dell XPS 435
    Intel i7 940
    12 gB 1067 DDR3
    Ati Radeon HD 4870

  13. X58 boards have two memory channels with 3 slots per channel. Now I have no experience with tri-channel , but I know in dual channel the memory in each channel need to be at a miminum EXACTLY the same specs -down to the number of memory chips on each stick - and preferably EXACTLY the same chip.

    Since you are running 4 x 1GB and 2 x 2GB, you are not even close to matching the memory in each channel. Have you read somewhere that this is allowed? If not this sure seems like it would be a major issue.

    I also very curious - since you are talking about new Dell machines, why did you not call their warranty support to learn what is required to get system working?
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