Major crash problem! (Help its my mum's computer!)

Ok so my mum's got her office computer, about 2 years old now, and all of a sudden when the computers been on for an extended period of time it jsut reboots itself to dos and then as its post-ing, rebots over and over again until u turn it off, leave it for like an hour, and start it up again. I'm assuming its a heat problem but not too sure cause it doesnt seem to be running too hot. I have replaced the HDD thinking it was that but have had no success... Any thoughts ass to whats wrong? E.g. PSU, actual chip, memory, ????? HELP! Mum's Spewin!

Mate these fair-dinkum contraptions are bloddy alright... Pity they can't jump as high as a kangaroo!!
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  1. possibly a heat problem.

    Maybe a virus/worm. There are certain viruses and worms that do this to your system.

    Check to see if you have the updated BIOS for your motherboard. And run a complete system scan.

    Also run AD-AWARE SE to clean up your computer(it's free and its an excellent tool for cleaning up bugs/spyware programs)
    download link:

    Are you running win 98? What OS? And what are the general hardware specs? (maybe you can upgrade to winXP)
  2. When you replaced the HDD did you ghost the Windows installation onto the new one ? If you did first thing I'd try is a fresh Windows install. Otherwise time to start trial and erroring hardware. Try disconnecting everything inside that the machine dosen't *need* to run. If you can get a hold of any other video cards try running on another one for a little while see if you get the errors. I guess it's possible it could be the drivers of you're current video card too.

    Has anyone been inside the machine recently or any changes been made ?
  3. I had this problem on a computer that had loaded the Microsoft drivers by default for an Intel i815EP chipset. Everything appeared to be running fine except that every 20 minutes or so it would just go blank and reboot itself. Crashman told me to install the Intel chipset drivers that came on the motherboard CD. When I did all my spontaneous reboot problems ended. You might want to doublecheck that you've installed the chipset drivers that came with your motherboard CD as opposed to letting microsoft load their own.

    Good luck,

  4. One more thing I would try is running memtest86 to see if the memory is fine.

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  5. Ok first htings first. I never got a chance to reinstall windows o the new hdd cause of the rebooting problems, which cancells out a virus or chipset drivers. I had run memtest 86 and got ALOT of erros. THerefore i have bought parts to make a new computer!

    P4 2.8 Celeron-D, Gigabyte GA-8IG1000MK, 512 Geil dual channel DDR. That should do the trick.

    Mate these fair-dinkum contraptions are bloddy alright... Pity they can't jump as high as a kangaroo!!
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