Sony MDP-V9K Karaoke Laserdisc Player cannot play PAL laserdiscs

I have a Sony MDP-V9K Karaoke Laserdisc Player that plays NTSC laserdiscs perfectly but for some reason cannot play PAL laserdiscs. It attempts to play the PAL discs but then fails. Is this a tracking problem with the laser and can I adjust this on the machine (I have the Engineer's manual).


Rod Whitehouse.
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  1. I have this same model, but unforunately I don't have any PAL discs to try it out myself. I did notice however that there is a switch on the back for NTSC/PAL/AUTO tracking. Have you tried switching it?
  2. Actually, I just found this website where it says it plays only NTSC laserdiscs, but will play NTSC or PAL video discs (which are a slightly different format than laserdisc). So chances are your PAL laserdisc will not work on this unit.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I have already tried switching this to Auto to cover both formats but this does not make any difference. As far as I can tell, this switch has no effect on the laser trying to play a disc, it is only an output switch. I have tried to play a PAL video disc, in this case, a 'Tears For Fears' disc which comprised 4 tracks (3 audio only and the fourth track was a video track). The machine played the audio tracks fine but as soon as it came to the fourth track (video) it immediately gave up. The closest the machine came to playing a PAL disc was when I tried a PAL laserdisc which was CAV, it actually managed to pause one of the frames on screen but not play consecutively.


    Rod Whitehouse.
  4. My sony mdf v9k played PAL laserdisks just fine for 20 years, until it packed up and played nothing.
    If you still have the unit I'd be interested in buying it to cobble both units together.
    regards, Lee
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