How to remove write protection from Card Reader?

I'm currently using this blue SD Card Reader called USB Card Reader/Writer (picture here)

and I can't seem to remove write protection? I've tried to eject and remove and insert steps but they won't seem to work, but how do I open the Card Reader so I can turn write protection off so I can place other files into the SD Card?
If I need to remove the outer parts of the card reader, please have instructions of what to do.

Please and thanks.
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  1. Have you try switching the lock from your sd card OFF?

    Notice the tab on the left? you'll need to slide that little yellow tab to release form lock position.
  3. i slid it down but it didn't do anything, and also, am I supposed to just crack open the shell and turn off the lock from the Card Reader Chip?
  4. Are any of these equipments still under warranty? If yes then Ask a friend with card reader to test it. either one might be defective.

    The card readers do not have locking mechanism so no need to open that. If your flash card won't or can't release the lock then it may be defective.
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