M2N-SLI Deluxe sound - speaker and headset simultaneously

Sorry for posting such a specific problem,

I usually have my Sennheiser headset wrapped around head or lying on the table for the microphone and use speakers but when it gets late and i need to switch from speakers to headset, or when I get a phone call and switch to speakers, I like to quickly toggle between the two.

I installed the SoundMax 5.2 drivers for this chipset (m2n-sli deluxe) from the ASUS site:

That means simply: turn off speakers/put on headset or turn on speakers/take off headset. But at the moment, to do this properly I have to crawl under the desk and switch the input as SoundMax only allows one input to use one device at a time..

Does anyone else have this problem and know a software remedy for it (that doesn't require purchasing additional hardware)?
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  1. Anyone have a similar situation?

    Appreciate some input :D
  2. Just remove drivers by Asus (or remove your device in Device Manager) and let Windows install its drivers.
    (after removing and reboot open DeviceManager -> Unidentefied device (Properties) -> Drivers -> Renew)
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