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I have a scientific american IPN 330 set top box and a scientific American IPN 100 remte. I need help with a couple of things Icannot find the infared sensor on the set top box even using a flashlight I annot see it so I wondered if anyone knows exactly where it i on the set top box.

The other thing is I have been trying to setup the remote but none of the codes on VMC work. I was told there is a way to get the code by pressing buttons on the remote but I have no idea how to find them por how to find the remote codes by looking on the internet.

Hope some one can help me.

I have Vista home premium and a m8100m ho media center pute.


Sue z
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  1. Srry my apologies for the lea in my thread I menat to say VMC

    Sue Z
  2. did it again I meant VMC
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    Cannot progrm remote with XMC
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