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Hi. How do you change the cover on LiteOn DVD drives? ie I want to replace my E-machines silver/grey drive with a newer one. To match the case, I need to take the silver/grey cover off of the old DVD drive and put in on the new one. Can it be done and if so how?
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  1. Yes and no. The face of the drive is unique to the drive manufacturer, if your old drive was a Lite-On and so is the new one, the cover will likely fit. Otherwise it likely won't. If it has a cover plate on the tray, you need to pry the lower edge upward to unlatch it and slide it off, then push the tabs in on the sides to remove the face plate.

    I've had good luck with spray paint!

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  2. You asked this in the CD/DVD ROM forum and I replied there! :p

    But... here it is again... (I have a Lite-On DVD writer too)

    Changed the front bezel last night - it was very easy.

    The drive tray face simply slides vertically up off the tray itself (it's held in place by a couple of click tabs, but these don't need much effort to release.

    The face of the surrounding bezel is a little trickier, but not much. It's held in place by three click tabs - one on each side, and one on the bottom (IIRC). A small flat-head screwdriver helped me here!

    One point to note - the tray cover prevents the bezel cover coming off if the tray is in the drive - make sure the tray is out when you try to swap the cover!
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