Older Sunn Amplifier Knobs Wanted

Hello gang,

Well I'm looking for some older Sunn Amp Knobs for the earlier 60's amps. I have a 1067 Sentura II and need a coupld of knobs.

These amp knobs look something like the skirted Fender knobs which are available. However there are some differences. the Sunn knobs are numbered from 0-10 instead of 1 -10, the skirt on which the numbers are located is a little smaller in diameter, and raised portion of the knob is a little taller, and slightly smaller in diameter and had a silver/aluminim insert in the center of the knob.

All of the Sunn tube amps for the 60's; 100S, 200S, Sonic, Spectrum, Sentura, etc., had the same kind of knobs.

If you know of any that are available let me know. Kurzpiano88@aol.com


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  1. Parts pipe on ebat has 750+ replacement knobs Good luck on finding original equip though. electronic repair companies and pawn shop and ebay wanted catagory maybe
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