Creative Audigy Platinum Installation Help

Dear Fellows,

I have recently upgraded to a new Pentium 4 machine.

The config is as follows:

Pentium 4 3.2eGHz 1MB cache HT (Hyper-Threading Enabled)
Intel Original 865GBF Mainboard
1GB Kingston DDR 400MHz RAM
Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum

The problem I am facing is with Audigy Platinum. Once I install the operating system (Win XP) and move to the installation of Creative Audigy Platinum Sound card. All the applications are installed and the system hangs while updating *drivers*. I restarted but it corrupts the whole operating system conflicting with Display Driver, Mainboard driver as well as Windows. CD/DVD Rom also disappear. I have to make a clean install.

I would like to request for help and solving this issue and I dont want to get rid of Creative Audigy. I have heard complaints with Hyper-threading technology but I disabled it and the same problem occured.

Anticipating your response soon.

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  1. I'd get windows installed, install all service packs/updates/etc, download the latest creative drivers, and then try installing it.
    I'd get all windows updates before installing drivers.

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  2. Do not get drivers through windows updates. That can also be the downfall of your pc. Has happend to me. Dissable your onboard audio also. That may clearup some issues as well.

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  3. I agree, don't get drivers on windows update. only windows updates, lol.

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  4. Thank you for your response. I tried that also. But I have been advised by someone to disable the antivirus which I have is McAfee Enterprise 8.0i. I dont know if it matters. I will also try changing the slot and update you if it got solved. I got response from Creative too with lots of details to the installation. Lemme try all these steps and let you know sooner.

    Thanks again for your effort in responding.

    Best regards,
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