How to recoupe kodak deleted photos

I deleted photos while working on my albums. I assumed that moving a copy of the Kodak photo to another album would allow me to delete the original from the file but it took both of them. susan
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  1. There used to be free image recovery software floating around but most seem to have gone free to try and only get you one or two images back unless you pay. We keep a copy of on hand just encase and it has almost always worked no matter the type of drive we have thrown at it.

    There is of course a catch, it costs 50 bucks. Also if you have used the flash memory or the drive the image was deleted from there is a chance the "deleted" images were written over by new data making them unrecoverable.
  2. I used a photo recovery tool, which free version can preview all recoverable photos. Hope it's helpful.
  3. First things first: DO NOT take any more pictures with the memory card of your Kodak camera that you want to recover photos from in case you may quite possibly ruin your chances of photo recovery.

    Then Connect the card to your computer as it should appear as a "Removable Drive" or put the card in a card reader attached to your PC. Next, if you are comfortable with using a PC then you can download a photo recovery tool that will recover your pictures.

    WARNING: After accidentally deleting files from a memory card, do not attempt to copy additional files onto the card before attempting file recovery as this will overwrite the files and make them much more difficult if not impossible to recover.
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