24" TN or PVA based screen?

Hi, moving on from an earlier thread about what monitor to buy. After learning a bit more about TN vs PVA screen technologies I'd like to get some feedback from people who have already made this discision. Hope fully my choice has been made extremely limited already by the fact that 1 manufacturer produces the same unit with either TN or PVA, so assuming they are making a reativly competitive model (customer reviews are promicing) the only choice left is which one?

they are

Also just noticed this one, not sure what the advantage is though, anyone care to point it out?

My main uses are 60%gaming, 30%movies 10%surfing etc...
My understanding of TN vs PVA so far is TN is quicker, but has less viewing angle and less colour being 6-bit per channel rather then (PVA) 8-bit. but PVA is suposed to be slower. So I really would like to hear from a gamer who has a newish PVA (or access to test) to hear your thoughts on ghosting in FPS games.

At the moment, i'm thinking of going for the PVA panel, I'm ready to buy now, so when I can get a clear indication that PVA is ok for the FPS gaming etc then I'll get right on it.
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  1. Based on the specs, the Hyundai W241D-PVA has a built-in USB hub, the Hyundai W240D-PVA doesn't.

    If the Hyundai W240D-PVA specs are "true" then this is the first 24" LCD that offers a response time of 2ms, other TN based 24" LCD monitors up to now were only rated at 5ms. That's only 1ms faster than PVA/MVA/IPS 24" LCD monitors.

    Not sure if I mentioned to you before, but there is no standardized test used by all manufactuerers to measure response times so it's always good to take that with a grain of salt.

    I haven't really noticed any ghosting effect on my 26" NEC LCD which has a H-IPS panel (way out of your price range) and a response time of 6ms. I played some older games on it like Far Cry, NeverWinter Nights 2, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, and Star Wars Battlefront II.

    Actually, there was only one time where I saw ghosting and that was in Vampire under the worst possible condition. In one part of the game there was a black box (or some other object) sitting on a table and in the background was a white window. When I pan left/right I can see ghosting effects. Even a 2ms monitor will have ghosting effects under those circumstances.

    If gaming is your priority then get the TN monitor. However, you need to be aware that not all TN panels monitors are the same. Some may have ghosting issues some may not. The same can be said about color uniformity issues, and backlight bleeding amongst other things. The main problem with these Hyundai's is that they are relatively new so there will not be any review about them for a while, if any.

    The general consensus is that the Samsung 245BW seems to be good for both gaming and movies.
  2. Thanks for the reply, as always very informative :-)

    interesting what you said about the black object on white background, would CRT's have ghosted? Its actually a really good idea for a monitor test, wonder if anyone could create one easily enough?

    I am quite hesitant about buying the hyundai, I've never seen them make a monitor before, cars yes but monitors? weird. in fact its not the easiet website to find either, type hyundai into google, and you can only find cars. this seems to be there panel site http://www.hyundaimonitor.com/ but not a good sign if it doesn't turn up on googles 1st page searching on hyundai

    Still it has HDMI and component inputs which the samsung doesn't, and I'd want them, for console attahment.

    basically price isn't my problem, my problem is having a very small studio, so I'm after the perfect size screen to do all my requirements, which may include a Wii pretty soon.
    I was originally looking at the 37" 'livingroom' style LCD screens. but now I'm thinking they are a bit big for me. So now I think I just want the best computer monitor I can buy and hope that it will not only last me many years, but serve as a Tv/PC monitor/console gaming screen in my tiny flat, so when I move I can also then get a Tv for the (future) living room, and just use the monitor for monitor purpose. I hate compromising, but thats where I am right now.
  3. purplemonkey said:

    interesting what you said about the black object on white background, would CRT's have ghosted? Its actually a really good idea for a monitor test, wonder if anyone could create one easily enough?

    Well I no longer have a CRT, but I would suspect you will see some type of distortion or ghost-like effects. This simply due to the fact that the video card must redraw the image as you pan left/right. I doubt it would be as pronounced as on an LCD monitor, unless you have a weak video card.

    Hyundai has been making LCD monitors for at least the past 5 years. While not a Tier 1 company, the are certainly a good Tier 2 company that is focused the less expensive side of consumer monitors.

    The BenQ FP241W is well known for being at least a good monitor with plenty of video input options. But it slightly more than your average P-MVA/S-PVA monitor.
  4. I am also looking to buy Hyundai W240D-PVA 24" monitor.
    I read on the PS3 site that it will only work with HDCP monitors, TV's....
    When I looked up the TN model only the DVI-D connection was HDCP compliant but on the PVA model both DVI-D and HDMI were HDCP compliant. Two is better than one I say.
  5. blimey, having a HDMI non HDCP compliant port would really rain on ones parade! I only found out about HDCP by accident after i got my monitor, and was glad to see it supported.

    I can also say the W240D PVA is awesome, i never realised how bad my old monitor was, colour depth, contrast, viewing angles, all absolutely rock. the only downside is the buttons, they could really do with a back light, i have to shine a torch on them to use them.
    oh and also i have to upgrade to SLI now to run my games in full res.
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