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AMD, Crossfire, SLI

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January 21, 2010 1:16:11 PM

I'm hoping to build a system at about $1200 in the next month or two and have been waiting for new articles on certain things. I've tried keeping up with all articles and benchmarks, but a few things i keep waiting for never seems to come. Like new reviews on amd boards and sli vs crossfire. don't get me wrong i think Intel offers a superb processor but my focus has been to support amd. I feel like the articles have focused more on P55 intel based boards and processing, which honestly I skim through or just skip because I'm going a different direction.

Initially I wanted an amd board with SLI features but felt nvidia was expensive and there were few motherboards to pick from so i am trying to change for once and try the ATI chipset with crossfire. I figure why not since they seem to be on top of the market at the moment. Still, I think I'm going to try and keep supporting the amd processor even though Intel seems to be on top with there processor.

I've been looking for new amd board reviews more on the am3 platforms. When it comes to the nuts and bolts of the little fine turning that makes a system run smooth I'm at a lose. This is when i turn to the articles and benchmarks to help make my decision.

I know there are a lot of considerations when it comes to building a computer so if you need more information let me know. Thaks

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January 28, 2010 11:40:37 PM

I would go to, go to the forums, and just read the homebuilt sections...there is more information on everything you are asking there. Also, is this system just for gaming? Or for video editing as well? These are things you need to figure out and forums have a majority, if not all of the answers. And we realize that it is overwhelming to be looking at benchmarks all day. But in the end, a custom built PC is just that, CUSTOM, to whatever you want, so just take a deep breath and read as much as you want before you make your decision.
August 29, 2010 12:57:27 PM

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