My computer says it needs a driver for digital camera olympus d-550

though all the info pertaining to the camera indicated that drivers and software are not needed b/c of the usb connection??? Then why is it that it's plugged in properly, turned on properly and still I'm not able to transfer the photos from the camera to the computer? Any suggestions! Thanks! (sherry0218 on twitter)
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  1. I don't know the answer, I use a couple of Olympus cameras and they simply connect as disk drives.

    But you can get round your prob by buying an external USB card reader -- if your model still uses those (overpriced) Olympus/Fuji XD cards you may have to look around to find a card reader which caters for XD.

    The only thing this won't help with is pictures in internal memory, though some cameras allow you to transfer those to card.
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