I need your help with Gateway P-7805u.

I have finally decided that I want this laptop. However before I buy it, I have a just one burning question. On eBay, there is a refurbished model of Gateway P-7805u with an X9100 3.06Ghz processor. The factory standard for this laptop is the P8400 2.26Ghz. When it comes to games, I know that GFX card is more vital than the processor. So is there any noticeable or significant difference in game performance between the processors? It would really help me decide which one to buy if you could kindly shed some light on this.
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  1. I thought people here were supposed to be helpful and knowledgeable on this stuff. S'why I came here to ask in the first place... :(
  2. Well 800MHZ makes a difference in gaming,yes GFX is more important than CPU in most games but CPU is important too,a 800MHZ faster CPU helps u in gaming and other windows apps
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