Help with my Creative FATAL1TY Headset

I just got this I am using the Abit IP35 PRO, installed on a Cooler Master 690 Case. Connected via the front panel and I have also tried the back panel. I can hear but can not talk I tried using the sound recorder in Windows and it says not enough memory. I have 4GB's.(3.25GB actual).

Am I doing something wrong? When I plug in the Realtek High Definition manager say headset and mic I chose yes. Or is the headset just broken? I can hear great just not speak. Thanks for all help.
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  4. Make sure al the wiring are in its place.

    Did you uncheck the mute check box from the volume control (control the settings on particular channel/s)?

    Just incase.

    START -
    ADVANCE on Device Volume -
    uncheck mute on Microphone -
    ADVANCE on Microphone Check on 1 Mic Boost

    Make sure your Sound Manager (control the settings of the sound processor) is setup correctly too.
  5. The MIC is just greyed out. Which leads me to believe that maybe it just does not work. Any recommendations on a headset? I want to use for gaming.
  6. Sennheiser seems to be the liking of many. Get one with your budget.
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