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My girlfriend got a weird sound coming out from her speakers. It is a Creative 2.1 Inspire T3000 set, plug into the onboard sound from her MSI K8N-sli-fi motherboard. It happens whatever she's doing, sometime they start buzing bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip, it sounds like Morse code. They only way to stop it, is increasing the sound, but then it's way too loud for everyone around in the house. I can tell you it's not the MB, I just change it 2 weeks ago, and the problem was going on the older MB too, so it is really coming from the speakers.

Does anybody ever experiment something like this? Are the speakers almost dead? or defectuous?
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  1. Try to plug speaker to a different outlet and sound source like a walkman/portable CD player.

    Next is unplug any connection you are not using for the computer at the moment one at a time and check the sound by using a headphone.

    Reposition the wiring so that and power AC line is away from low voltage lines like network cable, phone cable, speakerwires etc.

    Most common mistake is intruducing EMI/RFI signal to a device is pluging things when it is turned on like speakers to computer while both are turned on.

    Check your wiring for short or grounding. some equiment need to be grounded some does nothave to.
  2. Maybe i had this the same problem also like your girlfriend had... i think maybe it's the CPU is the problem... but i haven't yet solve this problem
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