D-link USB wireless problem

I guess this is in the correct place to post. so.

I just but my d-link dwa-130 (wireless n usb) works.........:
I also have a d-link dir-625 (wireless n router) works GREAT!

Part 1.
After doing the basic driver setup for the usb adapter on my spare computer.
I connect like i would normally, speeds are great, and I can send files over the network very fast.
After a few minutes to a maybe 30 minutes, I cant load any webpages, and internet connectivity is gone, I need to disable and reconnect and this helps for another 30 some odd minutes.

Part 2.
This is where I think it gets strange.
The network is fine.
I can put files in a shared place, and other computers on the network and access them.
But Internet no function. :(
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  1. I had the same problem when I use a D-link DXL-G132 even with the driver update.

    I had to uninstall Internet 7, install firefox then reinstall IE-7. The strange part is that it drop the signal every now and then.

    I switch to Trendnet and never had a problem. And somehow it even fixes my problem with the D-Link device.

    Edit: DWLG132
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