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Hi Guys,

I just purchased the MS-Razor Habu. However, I'm kind of confused at how to install it. I did some research online and it seems the Habu has had some major firmware-driver problems.

I have quite a few ways to install it. The manual states to go and plug the mouse in, then install the driver CD. A sticker on the cable says to install the CD drivers then plug in the Habu. Or I can install the new drivers I got off razer support. I've also heard about flashing the Habu...

Which should I do, and In what order? ( Like should I plug in Habu, then run new downloaded drivers or...)

The drivers I downloaded were version 2.12, which I believe are the newest...

Thanks for your help

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  1. 2.12 is the latest software version the firmware is 2.03 very confusing.

    I fould installing the new software version and then loading the firmware useful. When the mouse goes dead you just have to wait for the install to complete and then unplug the mouse and plug it back in
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