Did a BIOS update cause it?

Hi all

I recently update the BIOs on my z77 Sabertooth mobo and had a couple of issues that I haven't been able to resolve.

First is disk check issue upon boot. Every time I boot up, the system wants to check the disk issues. How do I address this? I have Intel SRT enabled. 64GB M4 SSD = cache drive, WD 1 TB Caviar Black, 7200rpm/6gbs = C: drive.

Second, just this week I'm getting messages that I do not have a valid copy of Win7. After inputting the prod key, windows says it's valid but the message pops up again saying I need to validate.

Any help/comments would be much appreciated.

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    The disk check issue is one that comes up automatically every now and then, and if you just let it run it should go away for a long time. If it is coming up more often than that, even after you let it run its course, then it might be an indicator of some other issue, but highly unlikely to be related to a BIOS update.

    The activation issue could have been triggered by the BIOS update if you have an OEM copy of Windows. In which case you just call the Microsoft activation call center, explain the situation, and they should be able to take care of the issue.
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  3. Thanks, Mr Scott. I'll keep and eye on the disk check issue. Will also call MS today re the activation issue.

    BTW, bios flash is sweet! Was able to install new BIOS via USB (I fudged it the first time, rolled back then flashed to desired version). Simple, quick, awesome!

    Some notes: I'm still having issues updating the BIOS via AI suite auto update feature. Was working out of the box but stopped after June update. Any how usb works for now, but wanted to point that out.

    Also USB charger plus seems to disable when computer goes to sleep (after June update as well). I synced with iphone/ipad issue still persists.

    More notes: I update to v.1304 (held off on the latest and greatest) - issues with AI suite noted above still persist.
  4. never use windows to update your bios you brick your mb. i seen to may post here that people use the windows bios update and something goes wrong and they have a bricked bios. the best way to update the bios is use the usb flashback or copy the bios file to your hard drive and use the mb bios updater inside the bios. you can serach for the bios file on your hard drive then update it. with the scan disk message go into windows and set it up to scan at next power on. if the error comes back then something durning shut down is holding windows from shutting down right or the mb turning off so fast windows does not have time to shut down the right way.
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