Cant decide between Sager or MSI GT729

As the title says i cant decide what i want more the Sager NP5797 or the NP9280 vs the MSI GT729. Basically my budget maxes out at around $1800 which would be under the NP9280 but i could go up if it is REALLY worth it. The issue i have is that i want to stay as cheap as possible because i still need to buy books for college (cant stress cheapness enough). The MSI GT729 has a quad core q9000 which isnt an amazing processor but still quite a good one along with a 4850 1gb and 4 gigs of ddr3 mem and a blu-ray drive and 320gb 7200rpm HDD. The NP5797 basically will have a T9600-T900 dual core processor along with a 280GTX and 3-4 gigs of ddr2 ram no blu ray and a smaller HDD. The NP9280 will have 3 gigs of ram a 280GTX and an i7 920. All have a 17" screen 1900x1200 As i said it is PARAMOUNT to stay as cheap as possible while still being a powerful system for gaming on for 4 years or so. I will be using this in college as a desktop replacement so battery life doesnt matter to me it will always be plugged in and moving around with me. What I like about the MSI GT729 is that it comes with a backpack and gaming mouse so i wont need to buy those separately which is just easier for me. What do you guys think would run games respectably high-highest at around 1680x1050 - 1900x1200.

Things i value:

1. CHEAP AS POSSIBLE (thats why the MSI is my number 1 choice as of now)
2. The ability to play my games and future games at least for 4 years at high to max (battlefield 2/3,l4d,cod MW, crysis warhead (benchmark game))
3. Speed (of course)
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  1. I'm buying the MSI. Alll around better performance. The Q9000 2.0Ghz proc is actually an amazingly fast proc for what it is. Plus, DDR3 RAM will provide much better system performance than DDR2. Also a mobile 4850 1GB video card? That's awesome! Mine will second as a Blu-Ray player as well with the HDMI out port on the back since I sold my PS3. But be warned: THIS WILL NOT BE A VIABLE GAMING NOTEBOOK IN 4 YEARS.
  2. From what i have seen they pull this one from the us market its only going to be Dual core processer and no blue .... from what i found out is that ran out of the high end monitor and cant keep up the supply so they complete pulled out of the us market.
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