Looking for ~$100 sound-isolating headphones

Heya all.

I'm looking for a good quality pair of sound-isolating headphones or earbuds/canal (I don't care which). I would like to limit the price to around $100. Any suggestions?

Thanks ahead of time.
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  1. cx400 or ep630 come first to mind
  2. ATK K240s.
  3. The Sony MDR-7506 is ideal if you want very accurate sound and top notch build quality(build quality better than most phones that cost near $1k, seriously...). It is industry standard for live feed monitoring of audio. Now, this can be a problem. Besides it's accurate tonal response, it has a narrow dip around 200Hz and a slight resonance around 7-9kHz. These are minor, and not a problem for pro use. But this annoys some people for general/pleasurable audio listening purposes. Note: The same phone is available for $30 cheaper under the model number : MDR-V6 (NOT MDR-V600, which is another, inferior phone). However, this is from Sony consumer distribution, while the 7506 is from Sony professional distribution. The V6 has what is a nearly useless warranty, where the 7506 has a good warranty. In addition, it is much easier to order parts for the 7506 (it comes with a diagram of parts/numbers, V6 does not), and you must claim your V6 is a 7506 if you are trying to order parts for it. The one weak point of this phone is the ear pad material. On average, it must be replaced every 2-3 years under normal/constant use. If you live in a bad environment(coastal regions, high humidity and corrosive minerals, etc.), you may have to replace more often. Pads are easy to purchase from many different sources. Price is approximately $20 for a pair of replacement pads.

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