Mac or PC?

So, I have to ask, Mac or PC? Which (in your opinion) is better? Why?
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  2. Actually, all things considered, I prefer your mom.
  3. enzo matrix said:
    Actually, all things considered, I prefer your mom.

    Childish, yet still funny.
  4. Why are you asking? Preference is a very subjective thing, so what does it matter if 100% of those who reply say PC but you want a Mac, or vice-versa? What's your take on the Lenovo ThinkPad you used to post this silly question with? How is Windows 7 working out for you? DDR3 in a laptop, must be new... ?
  5. If you have no idea how to operate and maintain a PC then for that person a MAC would be better. As for the person who knows how to maintain a PC the proper way, then by all means a PC rules in price and performance upgrades as well as customization.

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  6. If you can afford it, buy both - then get rid of the one you don't like.
  7. PC! Macs are overpriced.
  8. Well for music you can't beat a Mac from my perspective ... Garage Band etc ... the kids love the Macbook.

    We also love the PC's for gaming.

    In all honesty the answer is "to have a decent Mac AND a decent PC" ... subject to having the money to do it.

    I still have my little Mac Plus ... in the carry bag etc ... <sigh>.
  9. I own both and use each for different things. PC for Media Center Server for Xbox 360
    and also lots of PC gaming. I own the Mac for travel and Internet. I'm on my macbook doing schoolwork, research or anything that doesn't require sophisticated function. I utilize my IBM for network engineering and Linux testing. Those who know most will always tell you to use the right tool for the job and don't be a blind hater on either camp. I prefer PC but i like to use my Mac too.
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