Single stick in NF3? Plus ?'s on EPoX MoBos

I'm about to build my own system and i'm a little short on funds. can i put 1 stick of ram in a slot and in a month or two fill the other slot?
A post below suggests that i can, but i would like a for sure one way or the other. i'm looking at some EpoX boards, either a 9NDA3J or a 9NDA3+. what makes the 9nda3+ worth the 30 bucks extra?
Another; should i get a straight AMD64 or a FX?
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  1. You can always add more memory later.

    AMD64 seems so fit your budget more than an AMD 64 FX.

    check out the differences (there are noticible differences)
    EP-9NDA3+ :

    EP-9NDA3J :
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