corsair C2 'PT' ?

What does PT do for me in the following...




I don't know as much as I should about memory.

Asking at monarch or corsair's ramguy is like asking a salesman.

I know that one set of dual channel is faster than two sets of dual channel.

I know that most Op Sys can't use more than 3 point something gigs anyway.

I know that 2gigs(2x 1G) is a little slower than 1gig(2x 512M) (but better at some editing).

I know that both mem types above are cas2.

I really just want to know what the 'PT' ('platinum') does for me? And how much slower is 2gigs(2 X 1gig) than 1gig(2 X 512Meg); where will I see the speed increase if I get the 1G dual channel set? (In games how?) And anything else you thing I should know.

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  1. I don't remember the circumstances that caused 2GB to be slower than 1GB in some programs (including Windows itself), but I'm sure someone else still has a link to the article that would give you the details you seek.

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  2. Thanks guys.
  3. In a server environment where memory requirements exceed 1GB, of course more memroy is better. It is always best to match your memory size with your need.

    Regardless, no matter how much memory you use in reality, your computer needs to set up the memory-mapping for the entire memory space. Using 512MB of memory on a 1GB memory-mapped setup performs better than 512MB being used on a 2GB memory-mapped setup.

    And also you would have to relax the timings more for the extra capacity.
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