Help plz

i recently purchased a good comp for a cheap price,

q6600 @ stock
3gb ddr2
nvidia 9600 gso 768mb vram

i have had this prob several times now, i play a game for x amount of time and with warning or slowdown the monitor will go inot standby mode and the sound will loop till it dies the only was y to get back to normality is to hard boot the game si have been playing that i have sisues with are zeno clash, empire earth 3, unreal tournament 3 and a few others yet i have never has this problem with my favourite left 4 dead. what is the matter is it hardware or have i gotta bug or virus? if its hardware will it be expensicve to put right?
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  1. haway please dont ignore n00b in need of help here
  2. please help i dont know what to do
  3. What kind of PSU do you have??
  4. You can disable the standby mode in the power settings.
  5. The most likely problems are: defective memory, overheating cpu or overheating graphics card. Run a stress test of cpu/memory (like orthos or prime, make sure you use all 4 cores) and see if you get any errors. You can try to open up your case and see if it takes longer to get error. If you haven't done so yet - clean your cpu cooler and graphics card. Google orthos to find how to use it.
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