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What speakers should I get for my husbands Toshiba Regza tv?
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  1. How big is the TV, how big the room where the speakers going, do you need surround sound or just stereo channels? How much are you willing to spend? Also anyone in your house technical enough install it yourselves?

    Niro Nakamichi is something I have in mind, less wirings and easy to install than most Surround System.
  2. Hmm..yea i thought of getting a 2.1 speakers for my Toshiba Regza as well. Can someone recommend a good 2.1 speakers? I thought of getting a logitech z-2300..anyone using z-2300 out there?

    I'm also not sure how to connect the 2.1 speakers to the TV. Am i suppose to connect my speakers to the tv's headphone jack or use the RCA-to-2.5mm headphone converter?
  3. female 2.5mm to male RCA.

    If you have an old equalizer use with this Z2300 I found that raising the sub by 2 feet or more (depending on your lestening) is perfect if you have wood or none carpeted concrete flooring and 1-2 feet away from any wall works best, using a marble top works great but glass or MDF put on top of phone books works too.

    Raising the sub works too on some applications.
  4. Hmm but i don't have an equalizer but i should be able to get a decent sound performance just by connecting the speakers directly to female 2.5mm to male RCA to the TV
  5. You should be able to get a good sound, jsut make sure you set your audio output to variable instead of fix.
  6. Alright, will give it a try, Thanks!
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