High Specs - EXTREMELY low fps?

Hey; Im having very much problems with my computer. It's all stable, but the fps is slow, and I got about 1000 3DMarks (v. 2001, with 1024x768res, 32 bit textures compressed, D3D Hardware T/L, no FSAA, and check my specs at the bottom..) and the average fps was something like 7. Same in the games - Im not sure in Rtcw, but seems like something 15, and in Max Payne (lowest settings) 30, and the highest, 20.
My specs are (Im going to put these detailed)

Intel Pentium III 850 Mhz at 850 mhz
Asus v7700 GeForce 2 GTS Deluxe 32MB usign 23.12 drivers
about 600 MB RAM with 100 mhz
SoundBlaster PCI128
Panasonic SL70i 17"
Windows 98 SE
Soltek motherboard
2 speakers (just in case..)

And when I play these games I press ctr+alt+del and shut off all programs except Explorer, Systray and Rnaapp? Wonder what that Rnaapp is...
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  1. It is well documented that having over 512MB of ram with Win9x will give you no end of problems. There is only one game on this planet that actually requires 512MB of ram for maximum performance anyway. First try taking a stick of ram out. If that doesn't work update your drivers/bios, etc.., as a last resort try reinstalling your OS. Win98 tends to bog down after a few months of heavy use. If that doesn't help try removing peripherals one by one until you get down to the bare essentials, mouse, keyboard, sound, and video.

    Good LuCk

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  2. Your 3DMark is low, I have a GF2MX400 in my PIII 800Mhz machine and it does a 2968 on default settings.

    Few things that I can think of at the top of my head..

    One, you have 100Mhz RAM which can slow things down, I'm using 133 in my system

    Two, its possible your motherboard is using "safe/compatible" settings, which can slow things down

    Third, for some odd reason your vid card could be running low clock speed settings

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  3. pettytheft was right, having more than 512MB is more trouble than its worth in win9x OS's. My friend bought 2 sticks of 512 and he had major problems with everquest, he fixed it by taking out one of the 512's and just sticking with the 512 MB of RAM which is plenty.
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