How do I get 4 x 512mb to work on A8V Deluxe

Argh... I've tried 3 different brands (mixing ofcourse :)), but the only time I've gotten any of them to work together is on an intel platform (i875). Now I've got 1 x OZC 3200 (2x512) Platinum Ed. Rev 2. 1xCorsair Twinx1024 3200LL and 1 x OCZ 4000 (2x512) Platinum EL .. Neither 2 of those will work i my Asus A8V Deluxe (K8T800 PRO), any single pair of modules will work just fine. And ofcourse best performance is gained by using ht e Palt.Ed. Rev 2 modules from OCZ. But, what I'm in need of is getting more than 1GB of memory and my question is if I have to get another OCZ Plat Rev 2 pair or can I use one of the other two. And finally I'm having difficulties understanding the memory settings.... any clues?
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  1. Sorry, but AMD's onboard memory controller is just a hair unstable with 4 modules, most boards force lower speeds with 4 DIMMs populated. The chipset can be a factor, YOUR chipset seems to have problems with 3 modules (!) at full speed while nForce3 250 and SiS 755 chipsets seem more capable (depending on the BIOS defaults of the board maker).

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  2. Change (in the BIOS) the command rate to 2T. If still having problems, get a DFI NF4 board. Chances are it will work, maybe at a lower speed, maybe not. But it most definitely will not work at 1T.

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