Compact presario start up ?

Hi guys;how're you all.Ok i need some help with this PC Compact Presario AMD Athlon ™ XP 1700+ 6000 with 40g hard drive,1.46G,256MB of Ram with option of one more 256Mb slot,windows service Pack2, since i'm an electronic student i checked it out and the only thing that was bad was the Fan in the power supply, i replaced it and started it and it goes as far as to the COMPACT LOGO and stops there and shows this on the screen, V02.00 <F10=Setup> when i push in power buttom on and off and on again a couple of times on the front switch it starts, also i don't have the recovery disk, any help would be apreciated.
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  1. Press the F10 key and run the setup?
  2. I press f10 and all it does is go to black screen and says same thing
    V.o2 and set up from there goes no where, of course if i press the power button one or a few times then it starts and runs seems the only flaw i have is the start problem.
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