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I'm getting a 80 gig hard drive and would like to make it the master and put the old 40 gig as a slave. My question is to use the slave i just have to format it right, I don't actually have to install windows on it, just on the master am i correct? I'm using windows xp. I know when you go through the process of formatting a drive to install xP it ask you to restart and then loads the operating system on your drive. Now i have to skip that part and just formatt it, correct. Or is there something else you do. CAn i put anything on it, like games, and programs and everything. I'm still a amature to the computer stuff so all advise will help. Thanks.
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  1. If you leave the 40 connected when you install XP on the 80 it will see the C: partion and you will be stuck having D: as your main drive letter.

    Doesn't hurt anything, but is anoying.

    Install the 80 GB as a single drive, install XP, then switch it to master and add the 40 GB as slave.

    You can then use XP's Disk Management to format the 40 GB if you wish.

    If you don't feel like reinstalling windows you should be able to use Norton Ghost 2003 to copy your OS partion to the 80 GB drive.

    Also if you leave windows XP on both drives you can usually switch between which OS you boot into by changing the Boot Priority settings in your BIOS. If your BIOS doesn't support that then you can get the same effect by chaning jumpers.

    That would be useful if you are going to do a clean install on the 80 GB. You might suddenly realize a week latter that you forgot to copy over your address book!

    I would leave the 40 GB unchanged until you actually need the space.

    I would also split the 80 GB into two partions. C: for your os and all your installed software and D: for all your documents. Maybe 20 GB for C: and the rest for D:

    You can move your desktop, email store folder, my documents folder, favorites folder ect to a location on D:

    If you use Mozilla or Firefox you can keep all your internet prefrences, settings, email ect on D:

    Then you can backup and restore just your OS partion, or do a clean install without having to worry about losing your personal data and settings.

    I ramble on when tired.

    Anyway here's my 2 cents
    1) Install XP with only the 80GB connected.

    2) Only Create a 20 GB partion when you install XP.

    3) Create D: latter using Disk Manager and move your documents, desktop, email store folder ect to D:

    4) Keep 40 GB connected as slave but don't mess with it until you actually need the space. A month after a reinstall you will usually realize you forgot to copy something over.

    5) Learn to use Norton Ghost or a similar partion/disc backup utility. Backup your OS as soon as you get everthing installed then do a weekly backup.
  2. when i install my 80 gig it will be a fresh start. Right now I don't have the 40 gig connected at all. I have a lousy 3 gig because i couldn't get the 40 gig to work properly at the time. I didn't put anything on the 3 gig because i knew it would just be a back up hard drive untilll i got the 80 gig and 40 gig. I plan on just putting in the new 80 gig as my master and the 40 as the slave, installing Win XP on the 80 gig and getting rid of the 3 gig. I'm only using it after i relized my 40 gig wasn't working. so would the recomendation be the same? can i put programs and games and stuff on the 40 gig slave without the operating system being on it?

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  3. I can think of no valid reason to install software/games anywhere but on C:.

    There are many very good reasons to keep your OS and installed software and your data and documents on seperate partions.

    The only valid reason not to do so is if you only have one very small hard drive.

    If it were my system I would still create a 20 GB C: Partion and only install software to that drive.

    The rest of the drive, I would partion as D: and move all my documents, downloads, ect there.

    As soon as I installed & updated Windows XP and all needed software and drivers I would immediately use Norton Ghost 2003 to create a backup of your C: partion.

    If you have a DVD+-RW drive I would backup C: to DVD+RW's.

    Otherwise I would store the backup files on the 40 GB partion.

    I would then create a new backup maybe 1-4 times a month.

    I would probably keep just the original backup and the previous two backups.

    If you ever find that you are filling up your 20 GB OS partion you can use partion magic to shrink D: then expand C: without lossing any data. I have never needed more than 20 GB for my C: partion, but new games are very large so it could happen.

    If you ever get a virus, or have any software problem you can just restore C: from a backup.

    You can also store backups on D:, but since both partions are on the same drive it will be a bit slower. On an up to date system even this should take less than 10 minutes.

    I make sure all my family and friends keep their OS & data seperate and I make sure they have fairly recent backups.

    This makes fixing even the worst software problem something I can do over the phone in less than 15 minutes.

    Of course its your system not mine. :)
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