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Hello all,

I have a Dell Vostro 1500 laptop. This morning my daughter dropped it while carrying it. The screen went dim. I took it apart to try to check the lamp/inverter etc..

After disconnecting everything/then reconnecting everything and restarting it works! UNTIL I actually try to put the LCD back in the case. I am reading/typing on it now but if I attempt to re-assemble the screen it will go dim again!

I then have to disconnect/reconnect/restart and it works.But.try to put back together?? DIM :fou:

Anyone have any ideas???

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    The screen may be shorting against the chassis ground. Make sure that no components of the screen that are made of metal are touching the case of the notebook itself. Check to make sure the inverter board isn't shorting, either.
  2. It seems the entire edge of the LCD itself is metal. the brackets where the screws go in are metal as well :( ??
  3. Yes, but those things aren't connected to the LCD circuitry. They shouldn't affect anything. I'm talking anything that has electrons flowing through it should be isolated from the non-electrical metals. If you have a multimeter, now is a good time to pull it out.
  4. Will start checking.. Thank You!
  5. Sorted...Needed to use caution that when re-installing LCD it doesn't touch on the bottom. Thanks frozen!
  6. Glad you get her working again.
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