5.1 Headset, which to buy?

Hey everyone,

My friend recommended me to get a 5.1 Headset. Are those really worth it? I don't mind forking out a bit more money for good headphones. I just want them to work; we've all gotten cheap 5.1, when 2.1 would have been better...

Assuming we stay under 100$, could you guys enumerate what I could get? I live in Canada, so I may not have certain brands, but I can always use ebay.

So far, the only ones that truly interested me are the Zalman ZM-RS6F. However, many people say that Zalman doesn't make quality headphones (is this true?). The only other brands I saw were Turtle Beach, Tritton, and Cyber Snipa, which I have NEVER heard of. Where the hell did logitech go?

One more thing, I would appreciate the thing having a MIC. I don't use it often but it's always useful if it doesn't get in the way. It's not required, but it'd be nice.

Thanks for any comments, suggestions, ideas....

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  1. If you want sound quality, go for a good quality 2 channel headset. I'm partial to Sennheiser, but there are quite a few quality choices on the market.
  2. Well this is mostly for gaming, sound doesn't need to be perfect, but where it's from needs to be. I mainly play First-Person-Shooters and I want to see if this can help.

    I know a lot of people use 5.1 Speakers, but I don't really see how I would set it up. This is why I am considering 5.1 headset.

    Any suggestions?
  3. I went for the medusa 5.1 gamer headphones and they are awesome, they go very loud good positional audio (a must!), they also have some kinda bass sub speaker which vibrates in game, if i crank it up to max it inteferes with my brain or something and causes my jaw to twitch lol.
    The mic is very flexible and easy to position however I cant find a mute button for it so at the moment my mates can hear the missus nag about how long ive been playin.. no biggy tho lol
    Id give em 10/10 best set of headphones with mic imo.
    They cost me £42
  4. you need to have the relevant audio connections on your soundcard, this requires 5 (i think) audio inputs, left, right, front, back, sub (i think) anyway you cant slot this into the normal green and pink inputs.
  5. I 2nd the Medusa headset. I've had mine a couple years they are ultra durable and still work flawlessly. I'm in the states though so I used medusa-USA.com, same people great service.
  6. Sennhieser pc350. I just ordered these today with one day shipping. I will have them in tomorrow.

    So far I have heard as many good as bad review on the Medusa (just a bit more good). I am certain that Sennhieser is competent in the headphone/headset market. If you don't mind not having a microphone, the Senn Hd-555 is an excelent choice.

    Other brands like the SteelSeries 5h V2 or the Astro A40 are a good choice. Audiotechnica is another high quality brand. I went with the Sennhieser pc350 basically because in the past year that they have been out, I have not heard 1 bad thing about them other than the mic is not detachable and there is no usb interface.
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