HP/Compaq nx7400 screen issue...help please!

I have a HP/Compaq nx7400 laptop which was given to me free as "broken." When you power it on, the screen backlight comes on however nothing is displayed. The screen slowly changes through a dark rainbow pattern.

I hooked the laptop up to my HDTV via a VGA cable and get perfect output onto the HDTV from the laptop. via it's VGA port.

Is this just a case of a bad LCD I could simply swap with a new one and have a fully functional laptop or is it something with the system board?
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  1. No, you tested the notebook successfully; the board is working correctly. The screen is the problem, and replacing it should solve your issue.
  2. frozenlead said:
    No, you tested the notebook successfully; the board is working correctly. The screen is the problem, and replacing it should solve your issue.

    yes i agree with frozenland, especialy if your backlight inverter seems fine so yeah a rep screen will do it.
  3. Hi :)

    In first place sorry for my english.

    The same happened to me. A friend brought me a Compaq nx7400 notebook with same symptoms as you describe.
    But when i power on the notebook, screen turns on and i should be looking on that big HP logo, but all i get is that "rainbow patterned" and blurry unreadable image. There no icons on the desktop, just big blurry rainbow image.

    I hooked it to my LCD monitor via VGA cable hoping the problem is in the notebooks screen, but it wasn't. Almost the same image on the external monitor. Something like 256 colors mode and a lot of red in the screen.

    When you're patient enough and you press "accidently something" the screen then sometimes come to normal until you reboot that machine.

    So the problem is in the onboard Intel graphic card. Warranty is gone, and the replacement won't be cheap on a 3 year notebook i guess. How much can the replacement cost ?

  4. The replacement will cost as much as a new motherboard, plus the labor of whoever you hire to replace it (free if you do it yourself).
  5. yeah. in that case the graphic chip overheats which is typical for hps..especialy the DV series what I usualy do is make custom copper heatsinks for the nb and sb bridge
    did you try updating the graphic drivers? did you try winbios flash?
  6. Hello, I wanted to ask you i have similar symptoms on my nx7400, but the problem is when i power on the laptop i see the HP Logo but the color is DARK RED and after few seconds it disappears. I was advised that the LCD Inverter is broken so i bought a new one (3 inverters actually just in case), and when i replaced the first one it burned out. No screen, no color, no light. I changed the second one and it worked for 2h but there was a noise something like "bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" from the inverter. And suddenly it stopped working too. So my question is :
    Is my Screen broken or maybe the CCFL Lamp (if it's broken and it drains more voltage than it needs probably this burns the inverters) ?

    Any advise will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
  7. You should make your own thread, cyberboki, but in your case, I would replace the LCD assembly and use the good inverter you have left (assuming it's good - the parts are OEM, right? I wouldn't use a cheap one).
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