HD 555's: What Settings to Use In Games?

Hi folks, I bought a pair of Senn HD 555's after being recommended by this board, mostly for music but also for gaming. I am thrilled with them; they have made my music collection come alive again! My question is what I should use for audio settings in games (Headphones, Dolby Surround, 5.1, 7.1 etc) to get the best directional audio. I don't have a soundcard; I'm using Onboard Audio from the P5q Pro (Realtek). I'm not really hardcore about my gaming so I don't plan on buying an Xfi at the moment. This board has been really helpful before, hopefully you guys can give me some useful advice now.

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  1. if you can set them up for headphones then headpohones it shall be.

    no point using anything other than that as that is all they are capable of.
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