How do i buy from newegg if i dont live in US?

Hello guys i hope im not in the wrong section.
Im planning to buy a HD5770 XFX XXX Edition

I have a paypal account ive sent $ to US with this paypal account and bought "nx" from this game "maplestory" but i have my paypal registered with my mexican credit card HSBC, if i pick the paypal option in they'll deliver to my address but i live in mexico and they dont deliver to mexico.

So yea heres the thing, my brother's GF is going to US soon for a weekend and shes going to her friend house i was wondering if theres any way to pay with a mexican credit card (VISA HSBC) and give newegg her friend address so they deliver to her address? will this work?

Thanks for the help ~
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  1. Ask the GF to contact Newegg and ask about the credit card. But she needs extremely fast shipping if she'll be there for only the weekend, and you will pay for that, probably overnight delivery. You might not end up saving any money.

    You can get around that by contacting NewEgg ahead of time about the card, and if it's accepted, order the item and have it shipped to the friend's house. When your GF arrives, the package will be there.
  2. Hi.

    You can pay the bill with any international credit card, but the address shipping must be an address of the US.

    Now, if your brother's GF is going to US soon, why buy the products in newegg?, you can tell to her that go to a Microcenter or Fry's to buy the product, and maybe for a less price.
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