Audigy 2 And Weird Problems

Built a new system last month, P4 560J @ 1085fsb 3.800GHz, Asus p5ad2-e premium, corsair DDR2-722, Sounblaster Audigy 2 ZS, WinXP Pro SP2. I've been having some very strange issues ever since the build. At seemingly random times the computer will blare out about 1 second of an audio file. It's always one of 2 files, i reconize the lyrics of one (tho it's only like 3 words be4 it cuts out), the other i don't recognize.

They're not loaded into any playlist anywhere, nor are the songs set to be any kind of system sound. They are completely random. And like i said, they play for about 1 second at random times of the day, or night for that matter. sometimes just once, maybe twice, or sometimes 3 or 4 times in a row.

Yer thinking Virus maybe? So was i, full system scan on all HDD's, no viruses. Scanned for spyware, no spyware. Norton NIS Firewall is updated and always on. Anti-virus was up to date for the scan too. No Anomalous background programs running. No music programs/players running. Nothing WHATSOEVER that would explain why this music is blaring for 1 second at random time intervals.

I'm really stumped and bewildered. If it wasn't my system it would almost be laughable. I mean it can be completly silent at 3am and all of a sudden you hear 1 second of loud a$$ music blare and then back to silence.

So any thoughts or ideas?
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  1. That is frekin crazy!
    I doubt it has anything to do with your audigy though. That definatly sounds like some kind of crazy software issue. What are you using for an antivirus and spyware scanning? Do you have those songs that are playing on your computer somewhere? If it is the same song or group of songs over and over have you tried moving or deleting them?

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  2. so i m guessing your connection is of the always-on sort. if you disconnect, do you still get the problem? no firewall is perfect....
  3. This probably doesn't have anything to do with your problem...however...that being said, audigy 2's have problems running on all sorts of different boards, giving random errors and usually it will 'echo' something indefinately and lock up the computer, IF it's located in one of the last 2 pci slots. I had this problem until moving it to the first or second pci slot. Currently it's in the first pci slot.

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  4. I have to ask. Have other people heard these noises? :)
  5. theres no viruses or anything, and the firewall is fine.

    It's on the second PCI slot. Not that it matters, i've switched b/w all 3 PCI slots with no difference.
  6. Quote:
    I have to ask. Have other people heard these noises? :)

    very funny... YES they have. :) And it's music, not noise

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  7. Too bad, voices in your head might be easier to fix, its one of the few mental problems that is actually cured with drugs.

    I have a lot of mentally ill friends and my cordless phone picks up voices from other conversatons. Sometimes they are afraid to ask if I can hear the voices too :)
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