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I've recently developed some bad RSI in my right arm, and after talking to my physio he has said that a lot of problems can come about because righthanded mouse users are forced to use the mouse so far away from the natural hand position. This is due to the numpad on the keyboard taking up all that room.

So I've been looking for a keyboard to replace my normal one, it seems very difficult to find exactly what I'm after which is a keyboard exactly like a standard keyboard but ends at the enter/return key. Most I have found integrate all the extra key function into other keys, and chop around with some of the bigger keys to be able to fit more keys on the board. like including a function key by the ctrl key, or by closing the gaps around all the keys to squash everything in. This makes most designs crampt and easy to hit keys your not used to having. I'm a gamer generally so don't want smaller keys, its hard enough as it is to duck and jump under fire :-)

So I'm asking if anyone knows of any good quality mini keyboards, which are just like a standard keyboard but end at the enter/return key. This should make the unit about 30cm in length. Also I want it wired, it seems most manufactures assume small keyboard means wireless.

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  1. cherry computer corporation.
  2. I switch from Logitech LX700 to Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 last year and this year’s model is the 8000. ( http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=2493272&CatId=1482 ) Microsoft Link: ( http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/mouseandkeyboard/productlist.aspx?type=Keyboard&AdditionalType=Sets )

    It's a great unit but very hard to setup if you lose the CD and manual especially the keyboard.
    The keys are soft touch and have a nice feel. As you can see it also come with Navigation pad and it's close to being true Ergonomic keyboard. The mouse on the other hand is not that great. But I guessed it was design for left and right handed position which makes it easier to switch from right to left.

    So if you ever consider one, don't lose the CD and manual. Mind you I don't even remember what's on the manual.

    But you might prefer these ones. I can say much about them 'cause I haven't tried them yet.

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