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PSP lite vs PSPgo.

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Which would you prefer?

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October 27, 2009 11:11:51 AM

*** that...

From my understanding, the RAM/CPU etc. is all the same.
It's a lighter, more efficient, version with a smaller screen (though at the same resolution).
Consequently, I find it ugly in comparison.

Via digital download, will the PSP Lite still be supported for the years to come?
Will the difference in battery life be a real boon?
My eyes are quite as good as I'd like them to be, would you expect trouble looking at a smaller screen?
Apparently the screen is more resilient, but is the console as a whole (such as, if I drop both, which is more likely to break)?
Will the PSPgo typically fit in my back pocket?
I hate the flip-out style, think I'll get over the looks comparing it to its badass big brother?
Which one would be more resilient to dust and water? (This is important because I work in a area that can become extremely dusty, and also is in the chance of falling in oil/water/ice.)
Will there be a significant difference in time it takes for me to hide it from my boss (being lighter and smaller), or am I screwed if I'm caught with it at work regardless because I'm too big and slow?
I've come across that the sound quality (with the integrated speakers) is higher quality, but it it as loud?
Which screen is brighter? (For daylight use.)

And, likely the most importantly, is the ease of use of backups at the same level or is it more difficult?

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November 1, 2009 4:35:30 PM

PSP 3000. You get both the UMD format and digital downloads. Limiting yourself to digital only seems a huge step backwards.