Installing windows XP on HP Pavilion dv6760 (laptop) - no HD found

I'm trying to install Windows XP on an HP Pavilion dv6760 Laptop. It came with Windows Vista installed. There are drivers available for the laptop for Windows XP, so I presume I should be able to install XP on it.

However, when I try to install it, and boot from CD, it is telling me that there are no hard disks installed. Normally, on desktops I either remove the RAID / AHCI option from BIOS, or use a disk to install drivers for the storage controller. I have no storage controller drivers for this laptop, and also it does not have a floppy drive as well.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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  1. If the drivers aren't provided and you can't turn AHCI off, you can't install Windows XP. You need those drivers.

    Why are you getting rid of Vista? It's a much better OS than archaic XP.
  2. The BIOS seems to have a very few settings, without any option for AHCI etc. Do I need to do anything 'special' to access the "advanced" BIOS settings?

    the laptop's not for me, and they want to use the XP that they are so used to! I already told them so...
  3. If there's no advanced menu visible on the main screen, it doesn't exist. There aren't any special keystrokes to access a 1337 menu.

    Like I said - no drivers, no AHCI control, no XP.

    You can try and find similar drivers and slipstream them into an XP disc...
  4. not worth the hassle :) I'll try to convince the user of the benefits of Vista over XP. Thanks a lot still the same! :)
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