HDTV as Monitor, flicker issues

Hello tech gurus. You have helped me before in my time of need, and thus do I return to you.

I recently bought the 42" Westinghouse LCD tv. I was told I could indeed use it as a computer monitor if I purchased a DVI > HDMI cable. So I did. I plugged it in, set my PC to run two monitors, and watched, smiling, as the HDTV lit up with my desktop. Only, my smile soon faltered with the constant and odd flickering that my HDTV then displayed.

I have an 8800gt graphics card with two DVI ports. I tried two different DVI>HDMI cables. I tried changing the refresh settings to all ranges from 23 - 60 (which is the highest the settings allowed). I tried using just the HDTV as one lone monitor and also the dual monitor setup with my LCD pc monitor and the HDTV both plugged in. I tried different HDMI ports on the tv itself. The only thing, and this is my next step, is to try different graphics drivers.

The TV, other than this, runs beautifully (for the most part). I'm not really sure if I'm doing a wrong step or missing something vital.

Any ideas? Has anyone heard this as a common problem with the 8800gt or the 42" Westinghouse? My google searches didn't reveal any satisfying hits.

As before, I humbly await your genius and bask in the glow of your benevolence. (too much flattery?)
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  1. I don't have a HDTV yet, but did you try to update the nvidia drivers?
  2. Yeah just updated to the latest Nvidia driver and its just as bad. :(

    I'm also running Vista Ultimate (64bit).

    I'm losing hope.
  3. I think there is an option is the nVidia control panel to "Force HDTV Compatibility". Not sure which section it's under, but give that a try. Also make sure the video card it outputting at 59/60Hz.
  4. I had a great set up, then I updated the computer, what a mistake. I have a HD plasma 1080 p, and a FHD 2400 gateway monitor hooked up. I updated the driver, and also the cataylist ATI software 9.7, now I have flicker in the HD tv where none was before. The higher refresh setting took some of the flicker out, but not all. So I think the next step I will try is to uninstall the driver, and the cataylist software, then go back to just a old driver only, without the cataylist control center. I use the highest refresh setting of the FHD 75 hz. When I say flicker, I mean small thin lines horizontal of blue, green, and red it is just annoying to see. If that does not fix it then I will reinstall the OS. &%^$ing updates, I should know better by now. NEVER GET OFF THE BOAT, AND NEVER UPDATE A PERFECTLY WORKING DRIVER. Sage advice for anyone. I do know that Nvida has a new update on its site, and for your case since it's jacked now probably could not hurt you to try it. Oh well, I will come back after I try some things, and let you know. My card is the ATI 2400 xt, OS Vista
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