Remove network, or reset network settings, help

I jsut installed win7, tried to connect via lan and got the whole chose what type of network thing. chose home.

But now I have a home network that does nothing

meanwhile in the network and sharing next to connections it says local area connection and when I click status a lot of sent/receiving

my laptop connects to the internet fine via the router.

My desktop does not have wifi, this has happened before. frustrating.

How can I delete that home network, or reset all the settings?
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  1. I'm not 100% sure what you're asking. But I think you're saying you've set up a wireless network that you cannot connect to since you don't have a wireless card. And now you want to get rid of it. Correct?

    If that is the case:
    Open Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center.
    On the left side you'll see "Manage Wireless Networks"
    You should be able to click whatever is there and say remove. (if that's what you wanted)

    I hope it helps
  2. I think that was it. although after I removed it it still did not work.

    I ended up just giving my lan an ip address, in the range that my router assigns. Gateway,, dns and Since my router is a client bridge it worked, DD-WRT.

    Saw this method posted elsewhere and it worked, not the most elegant solution but I am online now. I'd rather have it set so that an ip and stuff is auto assigned by my router, but this works fow now.
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