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I'm buying from Newegg and I need a surround sound system to go with a new Plasma I'm getting. I don't want to spend more than $300. Please recommend me a good system. I don't need a DVD or Blueray player to go with it, just quality sound. I'll be using it for watching movies and playing games.
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  1. Unfortunately, you (and I) missed out on the best deal Newegg had by about a week. The Onkyo S3100 was going for $250, but it's been replaced by the Onkyo S3200 (2009 model) which is $325.

    -Wolf sends


    I know you said you were buying from Newegg, but I did find the Onkyo S3100 at Amazon.com for the same price Newegg had it ($250).
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