Logitech Z-5500 please help me

i have Logitech Z-5500 i have problem about subwoofer placement
i did valume 50% and subwoofer 100% max and souround 30% center 20%
when i sith my chair i see sound bass and loud is low to bad
when i go outside stand i see sound bass and loud is normail abit to good so i want high bass and loud great
u see my picture about subwoofer i placement so u can read i said
here picture







next picture here link http://img262.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dsc0001445vy7.jpg

so Please Help me
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  1. Try raising the Sub 2 to 3 feet off the ground and point the driver facing that red plastic stool or facing it the other way. Use thick book at the base of the Sub to eliminate as much sound vibration on the speaker stand.

    Then turn the sub volume lower and then turn the main volume up. Adjust the sub volume to level where there's not much reverberation.
  2. i use valume level up 50% and 70% so subwoofer level 100% max already i did try 2 feet and 3feet still bad sound bass and loud is lower
    why big problem i want bass and loud high so
    i did take out red plastic stool already cleaned i did try 3feet stil same bad sound what i do please explan for me step
  3. Sub 100 % :pt1cable: sure you have BAD sound !!

    try turning it to 30% and the rest @ 70%
  4. all same already my subwoofer no problem that new i bought 25june 2008 that new but problem about placement :(
  5. You have the sub turned all the way up, and it isn't enough for you? Wow...

    Try putting it in a corner, with the driver facing out along one wall, and the port facing out along the other wall.
  6. i did subwoofer level max 100% already valume 50% and 60%
    so no other wall no corner very hard that so please help me
  7. Does youre sub still function normally ? or do you just have hearing ?
  8. my subwoofer is fine no problem so i sith floor subwoofer i hear subwoofer cycle driver i see bass very high very clear but most problem to placement so i go outside i stand sound good bass normail abit so i want high bass and loud why have problem for me placement
  9. gopala33, which outside you're reffering to? Outside your house?

    I see a counter at that room you had your SUB, why won't you put it on the top?

    One thing you need to know about that Sub. It produce a boom sound and not a thump! you're maybe looking for a thump and not a boom. And you can't put that Sub on the floor in that room.

    You should need to learn more about how sound radiate and thier properties on how it works. It's not easy to explain to you why it can't be in that place where it is now.
  10. rexter u see counter that room is office
    i outside stand u can see pic http://img262.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dsc0001445vy7.jpg
    so sound is good bass normail abit to boom sound
    when i sith my chair like table computer so sound bass boom is low to bad
    u said my subwoofer why won't you put it on the top?
    what to put top the subwoofer
    u check my picture then you can saved my pic so you can make my picture edit to explant to write to placement subwoofer
  11. My suggestion still the same from my first post, otherwise move the sub into a wider room where it's away from any wall except the back.

    Please try other post if my suggestion did not work.

    I can see from your placement that the sub may sound hollow, it’s because Number 1 it's facing that counter, Number two is the driver is too close to the counter. Number 3 walls are too close together to put that sub is.

    If here's no other way and the sub has to be in that room then find a way to get the sub facing upward. Try other option in placing it as your preference differs from mine.

    Please try all the suggestion and post back and tell us what you did and didn't do.
  12. rexter i want chating u online
    do u have Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live and skype
    so please give me u id so pm me
  13. Try this setup, http://img201.imageshack.us/my.php?image=modifiedte8.jpg
    Notice the added stand. Then adjust you equalizer accordingly. Take note as well that the sound inside is not the same as the one outside that room.

    If that doesn't work then you need a standard woffer in addition to that sub woffer. One that makes about 150 MHz and Up.
  14. rexter
    ohh i see i need try to put chear to stand facing
    i know cannot put becouse u see back pic like wired http://img227.imageshack.us/img227/8582/modifiedte8md3.th.jpghttp://img227.imageshack.us/images/thpix.gif
    i dont use make equalizer i dont like lol
    how about it why u said 150mhz and up it no need z-5500 is good that no problem but very hard problem placement
    so rexter why u no give me id to chat online ??
  15. rexter said:
    Try this setup, http://img201.imageshack.us/my.php?image=modifiedte8.jpg
    Notice the added stand. Then adjust you equalizer accordingly. Take note as well that the sound inside is not the same as the one outside that room.

    If that doesn't work then you need a standard woffer in addition to that sub woffer. One that makes about 150 MHz and Up.

    150MHz is kind of high for a woofer. It's only about 3,000 times higher than my tweeter can go (50kHz). ;)

    On a slightly more realistic note, even though the logitechs aren't great at everything, they should be fine in that range, so that shouldn't be the problem. Also, try using rexter's suggestion, but with the cone facing forward, and the port facing up.
  16. My mistake 150 Hz and up.
  17. rexter
    Logitech Z-5500 that is Frequency response: 33 Hz — 20 kHz only
    u check link
    u can click Specifications
    u see
  18. rexter why no reply my thread i stil waiting to u reply
  19. Anything else I can’t assist you barring you tell us what’s been attempted.

    As point out earlier, that your cubicle is not the best place to place the subwoofer the way it is. The sound bounces to the wall creating reverberation (DISTORTED).

    What I think you need is a woofer that’ll do 150Hz-500Hz with 100 – 250 watts or more if you want it louder which the Z5500 is lacking, Or have someone to take a look at your place LETIRALY and assist you. Because I can’t imagine how loud that Z5500 sub you want it to be?
  20. With the sub woofer its not a direct thing it dont have to be pointed at you to listen to the bass..In the instruction it says to point the speaker at yourself for best performence but thats not the deal with the sub you can place it anywhere in the room...But for best performence never place your sub in a corner or next to a wall or the worst place under your computer table..What happens you create vibration & that distorts your sound...What iv done to cut back on vibration i built my own vibration damper that my sub sits on.You can buy them but its to easy to make your own and does it ever cut back on vibration plus i put my speakers on stands so i pretty well eliminated about 80 percent of the vibration leaving you with far better quality sound...Plus what helps big time is a good sound card...Check out the high end creative sound cards
  21. An extra tip...never use volume boost less your looking for trouble...The music now a days have a much bigger bit rate...Youll see now music being remastered and you starte using your volume boost your going to blow up your system
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