Usb support for ext cd rom drive for dell latitude 600c?

I have a floppy drive in my dell latitude 600c and need to reinstall os. it has a usb port in the back for mouse or keyboard. I want to use it for external cd rom drive as well. what can I do?
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  2. Buy a hub!
  3. I want usb support for other hardware besides my mouse and key board in my bios. will a hub achieve this?
  4. Yes, a four port usb hub can be found at staples for @ around 15 bucks or less and will work fine. Remember if the port you use is 1.0 you will run anything you plug into your hub @ 1.0, regardless of device speed.
  5. I was actually trying to use a usb connected dvd drive , which would never be detected by the bios. I went ahead and bought a dvd drive to replace the floppy. Thnx
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